Office lease transactions of approximately 750 m² in Leiden Centraal Kantoren

Recently a number of transactions took place in the office building Leiden Central Offices in Leiden. This property was recently acquired by Smitsloo Group from Ping Properties.

On the ground floor, Randstad Nederland B.V. concluded a new lease for 450 m² for 5 years, while for this organisation, which is part of the Randstad group, another tenant for 300 m² for its excess floor space was found. This space was also leased to Bosman GGZ for 5 years. Among other things, Randstad Nederland B.V. decided to cancel part of the space of approximately 300 m² that it rented and to extend part of its space of approximately 450 m² for a period of 5 years.

The space that Randstad has cancelled, amounting to approximately 300 m², has now been let to Bosman GGZ for a period of 5 years. This company was not yet established in the office building.

Barnhoorn Bedrijfsmakelaardij B.V. concluded the transaction with Bosman GGZ on behalf of Randstad. Randstad was also advised by Appelhoven Vastgoedadviseurs in collegial cooperation with Barnhoorn Bedrijfsmakelaardij B.V. on the renewal and lease exchange. The Smitsloo Groep acted on its own behalf.